Earth and Steel

What makes us different from all other construction companies, is that we can take you from a bush lot to a finished foundation ready for framing. If there is an existing dwelling, we can demolish and dispose of the waste. We will put in your driveway, clear your site, excavate, blast if nessesary, put in your footings and drainage, construct Insulated Concrete Foundation, waterproof and backfill, put in your septic system, landscape your property in anyway you can imagine, and even do essential structural steel including a steel dock for your boathouse.

If you happen to be on an island or a water access lot, with the most efficient barge on the lakes, KBCo can be of assistance. Having one company do it all, will save you time and money in just organization alone. With one office scheduling, each step the job will be more efficient giving you less time in the construction phase, and more time enjoying your dream home in Muskoka.

kenozha \ ken-o-jha\
Ojibway meaning pickerel, also name of bay on Lake Joseph where KBCo was established.